To Worship God the Father.

To Honour His well-beloved Son our Saviour and Lord, the only mediator between God and Man.

To Obey the Holy Ghost our Guide and Teacher.

To Edify and Strengthen each other, as members of Christ’s body, by the Truth as it is revealed in the Scriptures.


Membership and Conduct

The church will be comprised of a membership of believers who can testify to professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. They will be expected to walk in a worthy manner displaying their calling in the Lord by manifesting the Fruit of the Spirit in word and deed.


Young People

Young people who profess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour shall be entitled to become members of the church. While having all the Scriptural care the church can give, they shall not have the position of adult members until they are eighteen years of age.


Church Management

The Chairman of the Committee will chair all Committee and Business meetings.

All wishing to become members must adhere to the Doctrinal Statement.

All members entitled to attend Business meetings must regularly attend to the Morning Service.